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I see Ponybooru as the sacrificial lightning rod to collect all the controversy and sabotage attempts by the same people who effectively destroyed Derpi

Don't worry, Rainbooru also has its trucks of shit. Doxing attempts, intimidation, flooding with gore/illegal shit or BLM bullshit, death threats and so on.
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Although a smaller userbase means that there is less potential for good discussion in the comments of an image, it does correlate with less deliberate shit-starting in the forums. Get a good core built before it gets busy.

Speaking of, what are the rules of username selection over here? I plan to go the route of using a new name on each of the altboorus, so I want to have some ideas for my username strategy: I might try an in-character RP of the editor of a fic I might finally somewhere.

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Hopefully there will be more activity after the import is complete. That way, it can be a more direct replacement for Derpibooru as it will have all of the same images as more.

It also always helps to spread the word, especially to people still using derpibooru

Derpibooru: has been my web home for 8 years, and still is for now, but I'm concerned for its future

Ponybooru: It's just Derpibooru with a little more leniency, I'm not feeling it

Twibooru: Might become the best proper archive, but with the forced anonymous and no community features it's not a complete alternative, and I'd only go there to find things unavailable elsewhere

Bronibooru: SFW only is a no for me

Rainbooru: I don't like the interface at all so I'm not interested

Ponerpics: I'm undecided, depends on how it evolves. But with most Derpibooru migrants seeming to choose Ponybooru, it would be lonely.

Manebooru: No. Just no.
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I wish that the altbooru comparison website gave detailed write-ups for all the specialized boorus as well as the full-size boorus.

Curating a strictly-SFW no-shipping booru isn't censorship. Is it censorship to delete pure pokémon art that gets uploaded here? No matter how nice it is, it's simply off-topic.
Additionally, if you want to go REEEEE about Marxism, I suggest you browse /r/stupidpol for a while. They pride themselves on being the "true Marxists" who hate how chromosome-hoarding radlibs sandbag the material goals of leftism. Agree with them or don't, but knowing the fault lines in an ideology sharpens arguments into something coherent.
Time to go put some fluoride in the water.
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I'll bring over my watched, filters, and favorites (if I can get the Booru Sync script to work). Will probably pick a new username. Not sure whether I'll pick Horsefucker101, FistMare, or Big Gay Jackrabbit. Which MySpace pic I use over here depends on the username I select.

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@Background Pony #031E
There is a duplication and merger system in place. The problem is that it often mistakes edits of an image for being the same image, so removing the discretionary aspect and making it automatic could result in images we don't want merged to be merged, while keeping it at moderator discretion would take too long. The current plan is to just not import and delete the current catalog, except for a few images tagged as not existing on derpibooru. There may be a way to preserve user favorites, but it is uncertain whether it will be possible to make it happen in a reasonable time frame.

I don't think it's a tagging issue. I think that it could be due to one of two reasons. First, the live site has an older version of Philomena that does not allow the uploading of images beyond a certain resolution. This is fixed in the new server, but here, a small percentage of images cannot be uploaded. The other likely cause is that most of the mass importers do not actually strip the full set of tags you want them to, but only the first 700.

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I've mass-imported a few different tags and tag combinations from Derpibooru using the tool. When I checked how many images with the tags were on the site and compared this to the number of images I was trying to import, the numbers often didn't match up.

I think this means that many images may have been imported over to ponerpics without any tags attached to them. This guess is based on hearing that the ponerpics software has a way to double-check whether a newly-uploaded image is actually already on the server. I don't know whether this problem could be caused by the importer tool finding images on Derpibooru through it's tag search that also happen to have been deleted from the DB servers.

Is Ponerpics as a site aware of possible problems like this, and are there solutions for it on the way? Something like mass importing the archives and overwriting the copies of the images that the users have mass-imported on their own?

Changing the subject a bit to answer one of Lotus' questions, I think that for the purpose of mass importing large archives, they should overwrite the user's uploads and merge any tags that may have been added here. I'm not entirely sure about the favourites and upvotes score transferring over. They're valuable information, but I have some minor concerns with types of images that were downvoted or upvotes based on politics. I mean that the score of some images is likely impacted by how popular or disliked the subject matter of it is more than the actual quality of the drawing itself. With 50% being completely neutral on it, I'm 60% in favour of importing this metadata.
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