continuation and conclusion of >>745775:

Alas, as fun as their planned nights can be, they have to come to an end at some point. Whether it be through a need to rest, or the call of sleep. Even then, They manage to fit in a few last bindings before unconsciousness washes over them, the two of them holding the other's leash close as they quietly slumber, blissfully dreaming about each other, and perhaps what they'll be doing next weekend.

Truly, they were meant to be.
suggestive27480 artist:ponyguy6736 artist:ryuseihikari45 rarity32495 bit gag325 blushing46153 bondage8951 bondage cuffs108 bondage gear203 bound346 cleave gag65 cloth gag346 commission9437 cuffs855 female209379 femsub2822 gag3690 leash1938 lesbian49118 pony pile167 rarilight738 rarisub69 rope2610 shipping68343 sleeping5395 submissive3882 twilight46531 twisub261


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