SFW version of 2289325, as some requested.
safe226072 artist:plumage16 apple bloom8061 rainbow dash41436 pony140454 3d60018 animated17359 barn821 bloom butt157 blurred background93 branches19 butt7278 cloud4709 dappled sunlight62 depth of field47 earth pony34232 featureless crotch1393 female209379 filly13974 from below73 hill125 leaf98 mane305 no sound1944 outdoors2299 peaceful24 pegasus35310 rainbow trail78 rear view2343 sitting11952 sky2357 solo focus2979 sweet apple acres557 sweet apple acres barn15 tail4974 tree5845 tree branch106 unity49 unity (game engine)39 webm4255


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